Comparison of two part fitted night nappies

Having tried several night nappies now I thought I’d do a comparison to help you make a decision, all opinions are entirely my own. This comparison will look at little lambs, totsbots bamboozle, Anavy fitted popper onesize night nappies and bambinex bamboo nappies. For many babies and toddlers these nappies will need at least one … Continue reading Comparison of two part fitted night nappies

Types of reusable nappies

First of all take the Nappy Lady questionnaire to find out which system might be best for you Wraps and prefolds This is one of the cheapest ways of choosing, buying & using reusable nappies. Pre folds, inserts, muslins or Terry towel squares with wraps are the most basic and versatile systems to use. … Continue reading Types of reusable nappies

Totsbots swim nappy

Firstly what I love most is the environmental impact of the swim nappies. Not only are totsbots stopping disposable swim nappies from going in the bin, countless bottles of oil, chemicals & plastics being made into new single use nappies but they recycle two bottles & reuse them into every swim nappy! You cannot get … Continue reading Totsbots swim nappy