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Totsbots swim nappy

Firstly what I love most is the environmental impact of the swim nappies. Not only are totsbots stopping disposable swim nappies from going in the bin, countless bottles of oil, chemicals & plastics being made into new single use nappies but they recycle two bottles & reuse them into every swim nappy! You cannot get … Continue reading Totsbots swim nappy

Getting your support network onboard

Parenting is hard and it’s always made easier by having your family and friends onboard. Everyone (and I mean literally everyone as no-one uses cloth nappies on their babies around me) told me two things before I had Evie: 1) I wouldn’t stick at breastfeeding (I did) and 2) I must be off my rocker … Continue reading Getting your support network onboard

Downsides of cloth nappies

In true bumps to babbas style I’m not here to sell you a pipeline dream of how amazing real nappies are – otherwise why doesn’t every parent use them? Some of the reasons that parents don’t use reusable nappies is that they don’t have enough information about them to make an informed decision. Real nappies … Continue reading Downsides of cloth nappies