Totsbots swim nappy


Firstly what I love most is the environmental impact of the swim nappies. Not only are totsbots stopping disposable swim nappies from going in the bin, countless bottles of oil, chemicals & plastics being made into new single use nappies but they recycle two bottles & reuse them into every swim nappy! You cannot get any more environmentally friendly than that.

I remember the first time I went swimming being told by another mum that disposable nappies are a waste of money because they are literally a shell to catch poo. What you pay for one pack of swim nappies (in one size) could be used to pay for a swim nappy that has much bigger size dimensions so won’t need to be replaced every three months. Swim nappies don’t prevent pee going into the water. Disposable swim nappies would be the size of a house if they did absorb after swimming. So all you need is literally a poo catcher in the water. It’s why some swim companies advise using a happy nappy alongside a swim nappy as a double barrier against poo leaks.

This nappy is a size two tots bots (20-35lbs) and will literally last Evie until she is around 3 years old given the rate she is growing. My only criticism is that the back of the nappy is quite baggy on my very slim 25th centile daughter. What this means is that this nappy will literally last us a lifetime & that maybe a size one in hindsight would have been a better fit. That said we had no poo leaks, it covered up really well & she loved having it on ❤️

This is great value for money. Reusable swim nappies & cloth wipes are the easiest transitions to make. You would essentially need two reusable swim nappies in total, one from birth to around a year old & one from a year old upwards until they are toilet trained & in swimming costumes.

The Velcro is super easy to use. Really sticky & able to get a great fit round the waist. The inner fleece lining is really soft to touch which is lovely to put against your face, so against your babies bottom is perfect.

Totsbots have some incredible swim nappy designs (and nappy designs) and they are made in Scotland :).

You can buy them from:


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