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Types of reusable nappies

First of all take the Nappy Lady questionnaire to find out which system might be best for you https://www.thenappylady.co.uk/advice-questionnaire.html Wraps and prefolds This is one of the cheapest ways of choosing, buying & using reusable nappies. Pre folds, inserts, muslins or Terry towel squares with wraps are the most basic and versatile systems to use. … Continue reading Types of reusable nappies

Downsides of cloth nappies

In true bumps to babbas style I’m not here to sell you a pipeline dream of how amazing real nappies are – otherwise why doesn’t every parent use them? Some of the reasons that parents don’t use reusable nappies is that they don’t have enough information about them to make an informed decision. Real nappies … Continue reading Downsides of cloth nappies

Benefits of cloth nappies

I thought I’d do a series of blogs about the benefits and downsides and what #reusablenappies entail. I’ll begin with the benefits. Benefit number 1 People talk about the planet when using #reusables and that absolutely plays a part in my decision to cloth bum Evie but going onto maternity pay and wanting a year off to be with … Continue reading Benefits of cloth nappies