Baby Massage

One of the best ways to promote bonding and brain development In your baby is the use of positive touch. Whether it’s cuddling or baby massage, every positive touch promotes the release of oxytocin in your baby which stimulates the neural pathways in your baby’s brain.

Baby massage can have many benefits:
🤱 it can help bonding and attachment
😴 it can promote sleep in your baby
📝 it can be included as part of a bedtime ‘routine’
😭 it can help relieve colic or constipation
🧘‍♀️ it can reduce the feeling of stress in caregivers when they give the baby a massage and improve parental confidence
👁 it can improve sensory awareness, social and cognitive development

I can offer one to one sessions for baby massage.

Babies must be over six weeks old to participate and ideally pre movement (around 6months old).

Things you will need to bring:
Baby changing mat
Change of clothes/nappy
Some coconut oil or similar massage medium base.
A cushion for you to sit on

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