Comparison of two part fitted night nappies

Having tried several night nappies now I thought I’d do a comparison to help you make a decision, all opinions are entirely my own. This comparison will look at little lambs, totsbots bamboozle, Anavy fitted popper onesize night nappies and bambinex bamboo nappies. For many babies and toddlers these nappies will need at least one booster of hemp or triple bamboo in overnight to get the length of time required out of them. I always aim for 10–12 hours out of my night nappies but have occasionally got 14 hours before changing (for hygiene purposes I don’t recommend leaving this long). 

How to put a two part bamboo shaped sized nappy together for night time


  1. Lay fabric shaped sized nappy out
  2. Put booster on top, for a girl lay this flat or for a boy or tummy sleeper (not before six months old for safe sleeping) fold booster in half and put at the front. Ellas house Hemp boosters or a little lambs triple layer bamboo are the most absorbent. You can add several boosters if required but be aware the bulkiness will increase.
  3. Place a fluffy or fleece liner on top
  4. Put nappy system on your baby
  5. You can add boosters between the fabric nappy and wrap as an alternative to inside the nappy if you wanted to.
  6. Put your choice of wrap over the top ensuring no fabric nappy is showing.


Price comparison 


So little lambs is the cheapest at £10.50 RRP (£8 on offer at time of review) the bambinex retails for 12.99 a nappy (although currently 10.99 on the nappy lady), and the totsbots bamboozles are £12.99 RRP. However because the little lambs is the smallest out the nappies you might find you invest in 2/3 different sizes which can increase the costs longer term. The Anavy bamboo fitted popper nappy retails for 15.99 and is the same size as a bamboozle length wise, and has a cotton outer layer with the pretty prints on.


Size wise 


The bambinex suits tall babies the best. It is the longest nappy out of the three in a size two. The bamboozle is equivalent to anavy size wise both in terms of length and width with the little lambs being the smallest. If you have a particularly big or tall baby little lambs will not suit your baby for very long, and therefore the other options will be more suitable. For us the little lambs have worked perfectly, and the leg elastics are superb


My daughter is 25-50th centile, outgrew size one little lambs at 7/8months old and size two little lambs suit her well. Boosting on the outside can be a way of making the little lambs shaped nappies last longer rather than boosting on the inside.




Out of all three nappies the bambinex is the slimmest nappy. Totsbots bamboozle is next, followed equally by Anavy and little lambs.




Little lambs own wraps fit perfectly for little lambs shaped nappies. The Velcro is fantastic and there is very little messing about to contain the nappy and have no fabric poking out. Downsides include having sock marks especially if said partner does them up too tight!


The bambinex can be adjusted and the Velcro is okay but a little less sticky than a little lambs. The totsbots wraps have really good strong Velcro but I personally find these wraps are really difficult to get a good containment of the fabric nappy (I think because there is no double gusset like the little lambs or bambinex) so I dislike totsbots in comparison for wraps and choose to seek alternative wraps to prevent leaks and cover the nappy better. A motherease airflow works wonders for this. A rumparoo wrap is also really thick PUL wise and has fitted over a bamboozle, little lambs and bambinex well.


Wool wraps are another option and the nappy lady has amazing guides on how to care for your wool wraps. Wool wraps are breathable and help with temperature regulation because they provide warmth in the winter and are cooling in the summer. Wool wraps need lanolising before use to be water resistant and so require a little more prep work than PUL wraps, but only need to be washed and lanolised once a month (unless soiled). There are no sock marks with wool wraps, and this is now our favourite wrap to have.


What if I have tried the above nappies, tried boosting with bamboo and hemp and my baby still outwees these nappies?


For baby’s who saturate these nappy systems, baby behinds or Ella’s bumhuggers are alternative nappies which have higher absorbency due to the hemp mix. Alternative wraps Include wool or fleece wraps which have other benefits.

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