Induction of labour birth stories

Josie and Jake’s birth story

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Congratulations to Josie Jake and baby Thomas 👶
Thanks Angie – I feel like the labour went fast and didn’t have time to take much in but at least the pain didn’t last too long that way and I got to meet Thomas sooner! I was in labour for 2 hours 45 minutes and baby Thomas weighed 7lbs 4oz.
I had a labour bag all ready with loads of bits and pieces but left it in the car as we thought the induction process would take a couple of days but as soon as my waters broke at 5am the contractions started immediately and only had about a minutes rest in between each one so I wouldn’t let Jake leave to get it 😄
The midwife was initially going to wait to take me to delivery when I was 4cm but as the contractions started so quickly they ended up taking me straight away. When my mum arrived and hearing her voice when she entered the room I relaxed a bit more and just concentrated on their voices telling me to breath. It’s amazing how chaotic it can be but how much you can zone into certain people’s voices when you need to. The hypnobirthing was definitely an amazing tool there. Thomas was born by ventouse as my blood pressure went crazy high and they wanted to get him out before it stressed him out. Had an episiotomy because of the ventouse which I think was the most discomfort after birth. Also had pethidine and gas and air but was told to lay off the gas as I pushed better without it. I don’t think I would have had the pethidine if I knew how quick it would be but it all worked out ok I am happy with how it all went overall.
Feeding is going really well. Swindon were brilliant with support before we left so was really pleased that we were able to breastfeed. I really couldn’t fault the staff there, they were brilliant!
Of course my birth story can go on social media. Thank you again for all the hypnobirthing techniques – definitely helped with the breathing and me listening to both birth partners


Martha and Dan’s birth story of Iliana

Thank you thank you thank you I don’t know how I can ever repay you for the course and your advice. Your course was the turning point for us. Our midwives said they wanted to be in the birthing room and stephanie and ola said how lovely our birthing experience was
It was a really positive experience, although a long day of labouring and not how I initially wanted it to go. Contractions started up again but intermittent on Tues night (this had been going on since Friday). My waters broke early morning Weds and had meconium in them so had to go into the delivery suite (also have strep b so had to go in for that anyway if waters went). When assessed they said I’d need inducing right away & for the reasons they gave I accepted that to be best for baby, although I really wanted a non induced labour as part of my plan. My cervix was not effaced but 2cm dilated so the latent phase had been doing something but there was still a way to go. I was induced from around 6am and survived on just breathing techniques until 3pm. The midwife was so lovely & the atmosphere was good in our room, low lights, nice music etc all day. A midwife change for lunchtime seemed to change things though.. she was a bit more abrupt & said as monitoring was losing signal for baby, baby would need a clip on their head. A clip to babys head was applied internally, taken out, reapplied but didn’t work & this was around the time they upped the dosage of induction hormone & I was sat on a bed on my back for a prolonged period & although surviving on just breathing, it was in my opinion becoming more intense. I was really tired from the strength of the contractions on the drip. I’m not sure the lack of sleep helped either. As the day progressed I decided I wanted an epidural as I was just so tired & worn out. Baby’s position & movements were making the parts in between contractions intense as she was wriggling & moving loads in my back/bottom & I didn’t find gas and air enough. Despite the changes to the plan, I remained calm & positive. The epidural was amazing for me as I could then relax for the remainder of the birth & when it came to pushing baby out in the second stage I managed it with no interventions & in 15 minutes. Baby was born 11.10pm Born 6th nov weighing 7.1lbs & I spent most of the afternoon laughing & chatting to midwives then ordering dominos pizza in for everyone once our beautiful bundle got here. A positive day overall & just cant believe she’s here!
The hynobirthing really helped. The midwives commented about how nice & relaxed our room was and how great we’d done. The birth was really positive I found & Dan and I had a good day out 😂. Just so relieved to have our girl.
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