The Eco Midwife


The Eco Midwife was created after years of eco-conscious parenting choices. Having taught hypnobirthing and antenatal classes for years under the business name of bumpstobabbas, I thought it was time to change to reflect the support and information also given postnatally.

I teach KGHypnobirthing midwife led antenatal and hypnobirthing classes in Swindon and North Wiltshire which is a hypnobirthing programme accredited by the Royal college of Midwives. I am FEDANT insured, and run #askmefriday on instagram providing information to thousands of women regularly.

 I am also a registered and trained health visitor, baby massage practitioner, pregnancy masseuse and also aromatherapy trained. All my classes have whatsapp group support beyond birth, making it more unique than any other antenatal class programme with the follow up support offered.

Your body, your baby, your birth, your parenting.image1 (1)

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