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From Sica on facebook

I am so very grateful to Angie for her knowledge, skills, positivity and tools for practising hypnobirthing. I did not quite have the birth I had planned for, and struggle when things are not quite in my control, but she taught myself and my husband how to weigh up every decision along our pregnancy and labour journey with care and confidence.

Thanks to everything I learned on the course, I was able to stay calm and present through my baby’s arrival, a positive experience for us.

I’m now expecting another baby and have started my hypnobirthing practice already, in the hope of another positive mindset and calm birth, however it happens, and especially in light of all the worry and unknowns in the world right now.

From Emma on facebook

Sorry for the late review. We had a private course with Angie in October and it was absolutely fantastic. Angie is endlessly knowledgeable and I felt really reassured by having the combination of working midwife and hypnobirthing practitioner all in one, it meant that any advice came from a really balanced perspective. The course is very detailed and thorough and I immediately felt at ease. I finished the course feeling informed, empowered and ready to have my baby. Labour is no longer something which I’m fearful of and now at 39 weeks I’m eagerly awaiting my opportunity to see what my body can do. To anyone considering taking this course, do. It’s well worth it.

Lovely feedback from Private hypnobirthing course

Caitlin Huntley  recommends Bumps to Babbas Swindon and Wiltshire.

Angie came and did a 1-2-1 hypnobirthing session at our house which was amazing! I wasn’t 100% sure what to expect from hypnobirthing but I feel like I’m so much better prepared for labour now. Having coping mechanisms in place to keep calm and keep breathing (or bring back the calm if it all goes to pot!) and for my husband to know exactly how to help me, the questions to ask, massage techniques etc. Really couldn’t recommend enough. And having a midwife to ask all the questions I forget to ask at my appointments was an added bonus if like me, you forget to ask everything you’ve been meaning to ask the second you walk in the room!

Hypnobirthing essentials day

My partner and I attended one of the hypnobirthing essentials days run by Angie and learned some massage and breathing techniques which were invaluable in helping with labour. It was nice to meet other expecting parents and there was plenty of time for questions and snacks! It’s also reassuring that Angie is a midwife and knows a lot about the subject.



Hypnobirthing essentials day feedback

Super relaxing and informative Hypnobirthing session with Angela – 5 ⭐️’s!! Great atmosphere and group too. And snacks were a bonus 
Highly recommended to get you into a relaxed and positive mindset as you are preparing for the arrival of your little one(s). And to get a massage 💆🏻‍♀️
I’m looking forward to putting everything into practice 🤞



‘Great all round course, all informative and super helpful. Thank you so much.’ Declan and Leigh


Hi Angie,
I wanted to get in touch to let you know that at 38 weeks Baby Taylor was born.
Archibald James Taylor Born yesterday at 6.06am having been Hypno laboured for 14 hours, getting stuck (I’m told he was OT) so we had to switch to an epidural and forceps which rapidly switched to emergency C section where I lost 1.8l of blood.
And whilst my birth plan was completely taken out of my hands in every sense… I still feel like I was able to progress through each stage calmly and knowing that everything will be okay if both Declan and I stay calm.
Thank you so much for equipping us with all the tools needed to get through what ended up being a fairly long and what could have been horribly stressful situation.
Your course was amazing. Not only did it get us through birth I feel like it’s helping postpartum too.
Your tip on using up breathing during nappy changes really helped because Archie’s shuddering cries really stressed me out at first. I would get so sad when he cried and we couldn’t really do anything but proceed with what we’re doing so up breathing helped focus my mind to get the task done whilst crying over him! I’ve also been using it during tougher feeds where he pulls off often or fusses throughout. I’ve found that the calmer I can remain – the calmer he will be. (Common sense I know but hard to put together when you’re stressing)
I hope you’re all settling in as a family and that Trigger and Sheldon have taken to the newest member of the family!
I’m sure you hear this all the time but your course was worth more than any money could ever buy. It’s given us skills that we’ve been able to use during labour, when we got home and I’m certain we’ll use them during times when we’re being tested by a toddler. Thank you once again from both of us.
I’d be more than happy for you to use my email in your testimonials anywhere – I honestly think you and the course were fabulous.
Wishing you all the best for what’s to come in the future.
Thanks ever so much,
Leigh & Declan x


I have been privileged enough over the years to receive many cards and gifts as a Midwife but one of the most amazing cards I have received is from a lovely Doula who was supporting one of the mums to be on a busy night shift. Both of the parents were incredible and this Mum remained super calm and relaxed throughout her first labour using Hypnobirthing.

‘Dear Angie, Just a quick note to thank you for looking after my client so well, on the night of 8th December. You were amazing! So respectful of her Hypnobirthing and her wishes. We were all so grateful. Please don’t ever change, women birthing with you are incredibly lucky.’ -Anonymous Doula


‘Thanks so much for your valuable class; I had the most amazing birth, probably the best night of my life.’ – Anonymous Mother