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Types of reusable nappies

First of all take the Nappy Lady questionnaire to find out which system might be best for you https://www.thenappylady.co.uk/advice-questionnaire.html Wraps and prefolds This is one of the cheapest ways of choosing, buying & using reusable nappies. Pre folds, inserts, muslins or Terry towel squares with wraps are the most basic and versatile systems to use. … Continue reading Types of reusable nappies

Bubblebubs Candy review

Over the past few weeks I have been trialling a beautiful mermaid print Bubblebubs all in two nappy.  I prewashed it twice before using it and have used it four times since, washing it in between uses.  What I have loved  So far my favourite element of the bubblebubs candies have been the design (yes … Continue reading Bubblebubs Candy review

Benefits of cloth nappies

I thought I’d do a series of blogs about the benefits and downsides and what #reusablenappies entail. I’ll begin with the benefits. Benefit number 1 People talk about the planet when using #reusables and that absolutely plays a part in my decision to cloth bum Evie but going onto maternity pay and wanting a year off to be with … Continue reading Benefits of cloth nappies