Bubblebubs Candy review

Over the past few weeks I have been trialling a beautiful mermaid print Bubblebubs all in two nappy. 

I prewashed it twice before using it and have used it four times since, washing it in between uses. 

What I have loved 

So far my favourite element of the bubblebubs candies have been the design (yes I’m a sucker for pretty nappy prints!), the absorbency, the all in two method and the ease of folding and popping in the insert. I also love that it is amazing value as well in terms of finances. 

All of the prints are pretty impressive. Style wise Bubblebubs looks amazing: I love the look of the side poppers too from both the front and back of the nappy.

Fit wise round the thighs the side poppers get a really good seal in the knicker line which is great for preventing leaks. I like that the side poppers will come in useful when we begin toilet training as they look similar to a pull up and will be easy to snap on when she is independently standing up and using the toilet – I can see the benefits of only undoing one side of poppers, pulling the nappy down then pulling back up and doing only one side of poppers up when we reach that stage. 

The inserts are made of bamboo and I have found the nappy very absorbent. I’ve only used the booster once to try it out. Unboosted we managed four hours without any leaks which is great – it’s slightly less absorbent than a wizard uno but about the same absorbency as a blueberry simplex or smart bottoms.

With the trifold in this nappy is about the same thickness of a baba and boo nappy so it’s fairly bulky, not as skinny as a little lambs pocket, blueberry or wizard uno. With the booster in we got just under six hours out of the nappy with no leaks which was fantastic but I did find the nappy too bulky for us with the booster in. It could potentially be used at night if you have a baby that doesn’t wake for feeds overnight and is a light wetter overnight as an option.

Value for money wise this is a brilliant system. You would most likely need 6-8 shells for an average baby rotating 1/2 a day and changing the inserts each nappy change (as long as there aren’t any poos). Then you buy more trifold snap in inserts. Because the trifold already has great absorbency you wouldn’t need many boosters unless you were planning on using overnight or you have a ‘heavy wetter’ of a baby.

What I have not found so great 

So firstly for me was the side poppers at this moment in time. We have just exited the wriggly, wrestle your child to change them stage so for me personally I find front poppers much more convenient and easy. I am aware that many people find side poppers are better for wriggly babies so it’s something to consider and it looks great from the front. I also love that the side poppers are a unique design and that it will be a nappy I reach for more frequently when we hit the toilet training stage. 

For me I like front birth to potty adjusters. They get a much better fit around my daughters legs and tummy. And this is something the bubblebubs lacks. Whilst she is 14 months old she is only on the 25th centile weight wise and 50th height wise so she is pretty small. Again because of the side poppers I found the fit wasn’t as good on her and the top of the nappy would fold over on itself at the top. This wasn’t a problem and didn’t cause leaks but I didn’t like the look of the folded over nappy. This would suit taller or longer babies. 

Overall this is a great nappy system of choice and really good value for money. It’s easy to use, looks great and has brilliant absorbency. 

Available from the Nappy lady: https://www.thenappylady.co.uk/bubblebubs/candie-all-in-two-shell-by-bubblebubs.html

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