Positive first birth story. Group B strep, quick birth, no pharmaceutical analgesia.

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What I love about this birth story is that Karma is already saying she would 100% use hypnobirthing next time round – she has a newborn and is already thinking positively to the birth of future children! All thanks to the hypnobirthing antenatal classes she attended with me teaching. What I also love is seeing the beautiful updates and daily discussions in the whatsapp group set up after the course – totally amazing finding out all about the amazing births and entry into parenting these mamas are having.

Hey everyone! I’d like to welcome to the world Xavier Jenson Hooper💙 he was born at 9:47am this morning, weighing 7lbs🥰 I went into hospital at 6:30am and when I got there my waters broke as soon as we got out of the car! No pain relief just breathing techniques!

I had a long latent labour and walked around the outlet centre and asda to get labour going. I Also bounced and did pelvic openings on the exercise ball.

This might be too much info but when I woke my mum up at 4 in the morning to run me a bath, I sat in the bath and kept getting out to try and poo!😂 my entire birth was spent begging to let me sit on the toilet and once I had a poo I’d be ok and they told me no so I told them fine I’m gonna go on the bed and so I started to try and push what I thought was a poo out, she had a look and then told me that his head was there😂 i thought my sons head was a big poo and I don’t think I’ll ever stop laughing about it 😂

With the group b strep we only decided to have the antibiotics after reading the book! It gave us more information about group b strep and we thought that it would be better to have them to minimise any risks that could’ve occurred. The course definitely played a huge part in the decisions I made while I was in labour. I was able to stay home for as long as possible and decide when I was ready, I was a lot more comfortable with speaking about how I felt and informing people of what I wanted. Before the course I was told I didn’t have a choice & that the antibiotics were a must, but after labour I felt happy that it was my choice completely! I can’t thank you enough for how helpful you & the course was for me & my mum. You made it possible for me to feel like I had a voice and an opinion and you made it easy for my mum to understand better & be the amazing advocate she was. I’m so proud to say that the hypnobirth course was a massive part of my amazing labour experience. Thank you for for all your support, information & advice. #hypnobirthing #hypnobirth #positivebirth #positivebirthstories #birthwithoutfear #groupbstrep #birth #antenatalclass #antenatal #empowerment #strongmama #kghypnobirthing #kghypnobirthingteacher #womenarestrong

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