Another amazing birth story from a Bumpstobabbas antenatal class Mama

Hi Angie was just writing you a little email to say thank you!

I really thought my anxiety would return leading up to the birth but hypnobirthing really helped me let go and trust my body. I truly had such an amazing experience this time so thank you for introducing us to hypnobirthing! 

Our baby boy arrived last week weighing 8lbs 1. It was quite a quick labour only starting at 7pm. I used the breathing and affirmations throughout and had a lovely water birth after being in hospital for 45 mins. 10 mins in the pool! Even though it was quick I felt totally in control and let my body do what it needed to do. 

Such an empowering birth ❤

You can share our birth story and family life is going so well we’re all really enjoying being back in the newborn bubble! 

Thank you again for everything!

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