A positive unplanned hypnobirth cesarean

Hi Angie,

I wanted to get in touch to let you know that at 38 weeks Baby Taylor was born.

Archibald James Taylor Born yesterday at 6.06am having been Hypno laboured for 14 hours, getting stuck (I’m told he was OT) so we had to switch to an epidural and forceps which rapidly switched to emergency C section where I lost 1.8l of blood.

And whilst my birth plan was completely taken out of my hands in every sense… I still feel like I was able to progress through each stage calmly and knowing that everything will be okay if both Declan and I stay calm.

Thank you so much for equipping us with all the tools needed to get through what ended up being a fairly long and what could have been horribly stressful situation.

IMG_1179Your course was amazing. Not only did it get us through birth I feel like it’s helping postpartum too.

Your tip on using up breathing during nappy changes really helped because Archie’s shuddering cries really stressed me out at first. I would get so sad when he cried and we couldn’t really do anything but proceed with what we’re doing so up breathing helped focus my mind to get the task done whilst crying over him! I’ve also been using it during tougher feeds where he pulls off often or fusses throughout. I’ve found that the calmer I can remain – the calmer he will be. (Common sense I know but hard to put together when you’re stressing)

I’m sure you hear this all the time but your course was worth more than any money could ever buy. It’s given us skills that we’ve been able to use during labour, when we got home and I’m certain we’ll use them during times when we’re being tested by a toddler. Thank you once again from both of us.

I’d be more than happy for you to use my email in your testimonials anywhere – I honestly think you and the course were fabulous.

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