A positive Hypnobirthing home birth


Hi ! I thought I’d mention how amazing hypnobirthbirthing was for us in the end ! My partner was completely empowered with all information it gave him. He was so supportive and was truly my advocate during the labour! Offering water, prompts of hypnobirthing and making sure my environment stayed calm. I think the breathing techniques helped him keep calm too as he kept his nerve even though he was on his own with me at home for all of the labour until the last ten minutes when the midwives arrived! It was also massively helpful for me by helping me keep calm. My labours previously were so quick (2 hours) I panic in the down stage, but this time was completely different! I think it was the breathing techniques but also the empowering statements that are given to listen to before labour that gave me the extra confidence that everything was fine even though it was painful ! I was able to manage my entire labour with just breathing with only gas and air in the last ten minutes and no birthing pool or tens, all at home like I wanted! I completely underestimated the power of being relaxed! Thank you for presenting the course to us It was so helpful and now we have a little boy named Abel born at 8lbs! ☺️

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