Sleep research round up

Sleep is one of the biggest worries for any new parent. Sleep deprivation is hard, challenging and tests you to your limits. But what about when your little one hits that six month milestone of being able to safely sleep in a different room to you? Do you immediately celebrate and put them straight into that room or do you continue to room or bed share for your own comfort or because you have no other option with the size or space you live in? There are pros and cons with both but my latest published research round up in the journal of health visiting shows the difference from parental perception of sleep and room location from six months onwards.


‘Parents who slept in a separate room also reported having a more consistent
bedtime routine, were less likely to feed their baby back to sleep, less likely
to play or stimulate their baby when awake and furthermore have their
infant fall to sleep independently, in comparison to room or bed sharing.
While night wakening was less frequent in both the separate room
and shared room categories, the duration of time awake between all
three groups remained the same.’

For the full round up and two other research round ups relating to sleep:


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